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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I read about this blogging contest sponsored by HP on Indiblogger and a sudden memory ran through me. An ophthalmologist that I used to visit often for my eye checkup had this portrait in his clinic. Hung on the wall, it sat there for years but every time i saw it, something about it made me smile.Three butterflies painted on either side of a window! These butterflies, Black & white inside the window and the same butterflies, colored, outside the window!

This magical window drew a fine line between the B&W and the Colorful world, yes, the window represented nothing else but Spectacles, Ophthalmology in its own artistic way, right?

I loved the concept then and there and never forgot it ever after. The way those spectacles can make this beautiful life Look beautiful! Moreover, make life Look colorful! What do I say differently about how I love Every color. Please don’t let me pick one or five. I honestly cannot. My mind makes a somersault when I see a refreshingly fresh color, any color. My heart skips a beat when I see a hint of “Rangeele Rang”. I decorated my living room in orange and green. Yes, the couch -- bright orange and it never looked gaudy for a minute second. The Mouse that I got for my black office laptop is pink and it looks perfect. That little accent a Color can add to your office, house, car, dress, shoes, bags, smile and life as a whole entity, makes it all so much worth Living. 

If we cannot imagine such simple things without that extra accent, how do you think a big black & white spot in life not make a difference? Confused? Don't be! I don’t want to knit a puzzle here; it’s a simple question about those kids, those poor little innocent buds, who are deprived from the brightest color of their life, an important reason to be in this world, Education. The underprivileged kids in India who are fighting against that big black hole of not being educated and are trying to push the dark future away, need help to do so. They need my and your help to make their future colorful. Their circumstances that might leave them all blank, white or colorless without the arms of books, need you, each one of you who can help them fly on the other side of that window. You can let them be the colorful butterflies by offering a small part of what you might spend on a delicious dinner in an expensive restaurant, a small part of your exotic holiday to Hawaii, a little bit of what you owe to the society since you are part of one. They don’t need much from you but they do need many of you to give away just a little bit. 

So let’s add a pinch of color to these black & white lives and see how everything around us will turn bright in a glimpse. It's time to think in color! You can help these children and support their education through “Asha for Education” or many such NP organizations.

Let’s thank HP  for adding color to our lives with their products and moreover giving a chance to us bloggers for supporting such wonderful causes through the platform they have sponsored, the blogging contest conducted at Indiblogger,

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This post has been submitted for the HP Take Flight with Colour contest on Indiblogger, where HP Laserjets give colour to your imagination.


Kattykally said...

like, link?

Sairam said...

Your photos look very good.

And the painting you describe in the beginning. Great concept!

All the best for the HP contest

NNNiiiXXX said...

Luv the way u explained the painting at the doc's! And The pics go nicely with the theme... Nice!!!

chetana said...

hi manu, my comment will be my mail,sending u just now,without
weasting a sec.

Someone is Special said...

very nice post dude.. and the pics are awesome.. and will my life be colourful ?

Someone is Special

Chitz said...

nice one !!! worth reading .but tell me

GvSparx said...

It's my first visit to your blog. I must say your template looks absolutely gorgeous.
Talking about this post. I love your idea. I never knew that there're glassed that can make an object color/black & white. Amazing!
Finally the color for lives, I guess that is much more important than any physical color.
Excellent work!
You can read my entry at
The Withered Rose