It just so Happens :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I found this quote somewhere, read it! Quotes reflect so much reality, reality that is expressed in beautifully constructed sentences, right?

This guy, Breyon Hooper, met me in Alabama, 24 years after my birth, we worked together for less than a year and today i feel like i have known him forever. We met, became co-workers, made friends, became buddies and the day this job was over, he said he found a sister in me that he never grew up with. This touched me, i felt a churn in my stomach when i bid him a final goodbye on the airport while leaving US.

Now that i am traveling to Italy on a business trip, i recalled him mentioning about traveling to Europe sometime this year. I rushed to ask him about his plans and guess what, he is coming to meet me in Italy. His real sister stays in Italy. What a small world and what coincidences! I will see him after almost a year now and i think that's relatively a very tiny period of time for two people living in two different continents, going to meet in the third continent. See, small world, right?

Do these things surprise you? I happen to be very fond of such coincidences, always. I can Feel the awesomeness in these lil bits. It might be a usual thingy for someone to co-ordinate trips and meet up in different parts of the world but for me, this is beauty.  "The happening" of such coincidences and the least expected things that just "happen", is the most wonderful thing in life. I can't wait to see "Hooper" or "Mayo" as everyone calls him! Yo Italy!