The mood is Fluid, my dear readers :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am in a Friday mood yet again and the gloomy weather and the rains is giving it a perfect edge. The weekend awaits! Something tells me I want to get high with hot coffee, pull that cardigan in tightly, more tightly to save myself from the monstrous AC in the office. I want tit bits to munch over while looking out the window and watching this shade of rains with all that mizzle. I wonder how the day makes it all different, if it was a Monday with all this mist in the air, expression would certainly reflect depression. Friday makes anything beautiful though, this misty morning too. The plant in my cubicle gives me a feeling of being loved and the flowers on my desk ask me To love. Flowers, yes I feel like buying flowers. Have you noticed there is a special pleasure in walking through the aisle of flowers, fresh scents, water sprinkled on the leaves, droplets dripping from the petals, colors soothing your eyes! I feel like walking through such an aisle right now and breathe in all that naturally perfumed air. Earphones plugged in my ears, lyrical pleasure, instrumental satisfaction, hindi romantics are to die for! A chocolate brownie or a blueberry muffin would have been perfect, leaving the calorie part aside :). Fragrance of the twilight woods body cream makes me feel soft and positively chic.

Files, papers, calculator, binders, stapler, caliper…yuk, this stuff is so not Friday. Friday should have been a “whatever you want to do day” or “a treat yourself day” or  “have fun day” instead of a week day, ya?

This mood is to blog for, always, no matter how many more Friday’s I see in life, I will still be refreshed after blogging about a same yet different Friday every once in a while :)


magiceye said...

loved this post!!

chetana said...

`mala navata mahit vaibhawlakshmikherij hi fridayla itaka mahatwa asta.
beautiiiiiiiiiiiiiiful, it is just a needful life, everybody shld think with ur views, keep it up my dear god bless u.

Ridima said...

L O V E L Y !!!

i was actually about to start with my project work....but as Aai says, i would love to think with your views...friday is not for project work ;)

Kattykally said...

yes, simple pleasures in life are by far the best.. Keep up your spirit, girl!

aakash said...

nice, and fluffy.. your post
Its drizzling back here too, roused my poetic instincts... wonder how rains set different moods for everyone :)


Aubrey said...

aw hindi romantics are indeed to die for...I watch them frequently on netlix! I love the music! :)

Shalie said...

Apart from friday I liked the lines you have written about flowers, it made me feel like I am there with you....experienced the words actually!! Thats the power lies in your writing!!---Shalaka.