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Monday, July 4, 2011

A big "A" for Amir or his Adult Delhi Belly?

Not to say anything less when it comes to Amir khan. Be it a production, direction, act or any aspect of cinema, the tag Mr. perfectionist is much deserved by Amir Khan. After watching Delhi Belly, I believe in it even more.

Something that looks pleasant to your eyes has a quick appeal from the audience. A message that was delivered in Taarein zameen par or 3 idiots is truth of the country which has to be a hit nonetheless. Something on the lines of Lagaan revolves around Cricket which needs no further adjectives. It is bound to catch attention of the mob. Dil chahta hai had so much youth to it, pretty ladies and the melodious music added an extra charm, obviously people loved the movie, it was So Bollywood!  Rang de Basanti being pictured on a soldier’s tragedy, it gave a vibrant patriotic feeling that can hold the audiences undoubtedly. The list goes on for what essence his movies have had and what reason can be most closely associated for so many consecutive hits that he has gifted the industry with. But Delhi Belly is different, it’s PURE entertainment, definitely for those who would Accept the movie as it is. 

Yes, it is gross, foul, Not pleasing to the eyes, Not lyrically beautiful, songs Don’t sooth your ears, No pretty locations, No costumes that will leave your mouth open, language makes you mumble words like F*** & OMG & shit & plzzz stop. An absolutely "A" rated movie, not a category of entertainment to watch with kids or parents :) Being said that, I loved the movie. It’s a big step for a Bollywood movie and a Bollywood director/producer/actor. It’s a bold production, very much resembling the Hollywood eshtyle.

I was urged to pen this post because half of my friends on FB started putting reviews right after the release and when I read opinions like, “Delhi Belly: Pathetic, disgusting, stupid, senseless, worst movie ever”….I feel bad, really bad! “Hangover”... a recent example, it was a hugeeee hit, everyone lovedddd it. If I compare the two I don’t think there is much a difference. But since Hangover comes from the land of Hollywood, anything is pretty much uncensored, no objections taken. The moment a Hindi movie tries to be bold, it is hurting your values. Why?

If values and culture is an issue, you would rather wear khadi then and hate ALL Hollywood movies. I don’t believe in being somewhere on the edge where you can step your feet on both sides selectively & politically. Let’s be real, let’s be adults. Lets either Like it all, H or B wood, or just Hate it all, right?  Yes, the A rating is for a reason you see, so no point in watching it when you are not mentally prepared to be an A :PP

I think Amir Khan has once again proved his perfection. As gross and foul it can get,  Delhi belly is one bold and ugly production. I loved every aspect of it in an Adult sense.


chetana said...
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chetana said...

"A big S for shalmalee, because this girl knows 2 express her feelings with BOLD & BEAUTIFUL words, her words talk, her soul is soooooooo pure, no artificial touch, no superfecial aspect.

i luv her like anything,not because of our relation, but COZ OF her pen, her honesty,her clarity, AND HER TRANSPARENT S...O...U...L

Ridima said...

I second AAI :)

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Nice post...haven't watched the movie yet...but now, I sure will.