Infinite GB of memory to store memories :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This strange part of a human body called brain, only has a certain capacity to store stuff that keeps happening over years. We remember what we see the most, we keep in touch with people that we work with, we hang out with friends who are most relevant to that particular phase of our lives. And what exactly happens to the rest of the stuff that we have dealt with for many years that kind of fades over time?

I have realized i don't say (i mean literally "utter") "Aai" (mom) or "Baba"(dad) enough these days. I have realized i don't call my uni friends as often. I have realized i haven't ate so many deep fried Indian favorites that i really loved at some point. No, i haven't changed!  I care enough about my parents but its the long distance and yes i have become more conscious about the calories but i still love those deep fried snacks :) but this brain has a certain logic of dragging you away from your past and pushing you into "today". I read a line on Facebook recently, "Your life is your story, Write well, Edit often". Hmm, Yes and No! If we decide to edit our story, i assume its positive but life is such that more often than not, it takes control of editing our stories. And a lot of times we give in because the brain has only so much capacity, the original story fades over time and the edited version becomes so much bolder.
Warning!!! i am digressing a little from what i am trying to convey but, but i promise i will take you there :)  When I am somewhere in the sky flying to some destination, one look out of the window and a few feet away suspended in the air, those cotton-like clusters of clouds seem so "Still". When I see more closely through a transparent cloudy white layer, miles away I spot the more familiar world of buildings, cars, roads which looks so so so tiny and I  almost forget about it for a few sky-hours. But these clusters don't look like they forget anything or for that matter they don't seem to remember anything in the first place. Unlike us humans and our brains!

Am i going absurd or verbose? :) Ok, let me tell you this and may be you can connect the dots.... I heard a song last night which brought some dearly memories back from when i was in college-I went back to my uni days-the place where i used to park my scooty-the tree that i used to pass on my way to the classroom-the small convenient store that played this one song-and this guy sitting there shyly looked at me, as far as i can remember-almost always blushing.... He wanted to flirt but he was too innocent to do so :) My brain had almost erased the memory of this person whom i have seen for so many consecutive months, a train of years at least :) This Sonu Nigam song-"Ab Mujhe Raat Din", whenever and wherever i have heard it, it has reminded me of this one guy bringing back the teenage memories.

Okkkkk, so the point is....the brain only stores a handful of memories...and many more are absorbed into things, smell, touch, feelings, moods, music, food, weather and much more. Whenever i go back to a song and it reminds me of someone or a smell that brings back old times or food that makes me miss my mum more, it always puts a smile on my face! I get extremely attached to such stuff and keep relating people to it, so obviously my memory stick is pretty huge and it stores a number of memories :)


abhijit said...

Well written... Shal... u really must have edited this one a couple of times as u tried to catch the understanding capacity of prospective readers...

And... next time u meet me... u r gona tell me more about that 'one guy'...hehehe

One lost puppy said...

How did I not come across this before, having known you for almost 10 yrs now? Sheesh!
Great write-up! I can totally relate with having too much space in the HD. My memories are in technicolor with sound/smell effects. :)
Now I have to go back and read all the previous posts! =)