I was told i was dangerous! I asked why? They said "because you don't need anyone." That's when i smiled :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

All the compartments in my brain are almost blocked because there is just so much to take-in, so much to process and so much to deliver-out. And the time? Where is it? Its like the clock is ticking at a completely different pace which is faster, bolder and looking at me, almost teasing & tickling...asking me to keep up with its constant revolution. A few years ago Mandar started putting every little personal thing on the calendar and inviting me to the events (an event could be grocery shopping :P), i used to see his meeting invitations and smirk thinking to myself,  "really, a meeting invite between a husband and a wife, this guy really is one of a kind!" But now, its almost necessary as we cannot keep up with so much going around. Duhh, lets stop cribbing and start blogging now!

Saw a post from my bestie yesterday about leaving her kid with husband and just taking a day off  enjoying being a lone traveler. I went back in time and recalled the days when i have done the same.  The beauty and peace of traveling alone is unique. The learning, the exploring, the challenges, the reading, the coffee, the writing is an experience to cherish when you are with yourself.
There is so  much bandwidth to think, think deeper, think about things you adore and clear your mind. The positive and vibrant spirit of meeting random people, out of which some may just click and you may stay in touch for a lifetime whereas others may simply sip a coffee along and become a small part of your big story.

I have shared my deepest secret with the most random person knowing for sure that i may not see him again and it just doesn't matter. Its about being free, about liberating yourself from relationships, closed-ones, care, worry, stress and all those emotions that guard your boundaries.

Friends have asked me before if it is boring to travel alone....boring? No way! If i am honest, i have thoroughly enjoyed it, letting my hair loose, putting the worries off my chest, finding a way to get closer to my own soul, exploring my own depth, sucking in the freedom and redeeming myself from wherever i may have wandered because of all that we deal with, Every.Single.Day.

On that note, being inspired from the most recent books that i have read,  a new item has been added to my bucket list..."Going backpacking in the Himalayas, with a friend or alone".

Before signing off... I have been following this FB page, "peaceful warrior". A few new favorites for you to enjoy!

Ciao and happy happy Friday! Have a terrific weekend!