Cheers to a changed life...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It’s been such an emotional roller coaster but things are kind of settled now. 3 months ago we didn’t have this little toy in our house and now it seems like I have been with him for the longest of time I can ever remember. Yes, all parents talk identical language, love at first sight, your world revolves around the baby, you will be getting familiar to the night world, you won’t have time for anything else blah blah blah. The part about your world revolving around the baby is very true but in a beautiful way. The part about not getting enough time with the husband is not so true. You both are so much into the baby and the family as a whole, you are simply learning to spend time in a different way. And if you have a partner anything similar to mine, rest assure that even if he is not fully awake at 4 am, he will atleast put a hand on your lap while you are feeding and make his best effort to tell you that “I am here if you need anything”. He will be super sleepy at 11 pm and wishing you goodnight with an “I Love You” and a guilty “I have to sleep” expression. After a tiring night you both wake up to the most innocent smile in this world and the two button eyes looking at you which now seems to be a look that recognizes you as a mother and your husband as a father…and the joys of it are inexpressible. 

This little fellow has turned my life upside down but I just count hours before getting home from work. Now I realize why mommies tend to leave there jobs, take a break in their careers and spend time with these innocent tiny things. I keep mumbling rhymes and lullabies, pumping milk has become 'me time', whenever somebody around the house reminds “we are out of milk”, the first thing comes to mind is baby’s milk stock, meeting friends on a very tight schedule, have to change FB profile pic for last 2 months, credit card bills have not been paid, I keep telling everyone I will call you back and it never happens, I have been trying super hard to make time for a daily dose of cardio, an evening with coke in a wine glass and some country music makes me feel genuinely relaxed!!! Ya, its definitely a changed life but somehow it works :) I look at my mickey mouse and everything turns into blisss. I have surely started enjoying this new phase and am looking forward to much more that is coming.

And for Mandar, I just cannot explain how much I enjoy watching him as a Dad. I see him full of love for his little guy and I can’t stop loving that entire father-son dynamics. Muah….


Vinay Leo R. said...

Well, happy for the three of you :) May it continue to be the same. Happy family life :D

abhijit said...

Well .shalmalee.. I am really missing to see you with the baby... 'Sure'... this will definitely put an end to my efforts of teasing for your so called TOM BOY image :p

Wish you and Mandar all the happiness and joy of parenthood :)


for Ruhaan... for now... just keep smiling and be healthy!! :)