Flowing :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just finished my yoga and the mood is swinging in the relaxing zone. Its a weekday and looks like my military precision is out of the way tonight. Yes, i am simply snuggling on my couch and listening to this beautiful piece of music by Zen.

In the shadow of soothing yellow lights and smell of the gorgeous Jasmine that is blooming happily in my balcony-garden (with so much rain lately), i don't mind being by myself at all. This is what i call a perfect evening..with candles, music and some alone time! Such Thursdays don't come my way so often, while its here...let me get the most out of it :)

Umm, wondering if someone can bring me some comforting hot chocolate? Jeannie (with 2 claps :P)


abhijit said...

Hmmmmm... Would you like to have the hot chocolate at the dinning or you want it at your couch? ;)

Just relax and take care :)

abhijit said...
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Kattykally said...

Oh I so wish I could make you the mug of chocolate you so desire now. Put your feet up and relax! Love you xx.