My heart didn't fly with me !!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Away from my munchkin for the first time....Don't feel like enjoying this silent peaceful night, i would rather keep missing Ruhaan and stay awake.

This certainly is my first work trip after delivery. I was on a plane today after 8 long months, part of me was excited to go back to the old life, just for one night. However, here i am sitting in a plush hotel really wanting to indulge myself in this temporary peace but my mommy-heart melts and keeps asking for more of Ruhaan's videos, i am bugging Mandar to facetime with me all evening and the best thing i can do right now is blog about this little fellow!

My first time in Philippines but every ounce of me wants to finish business as quick as possible and fly back to my sugar ball. Being a working women is easy but being a working mother is one hell of a challenge.

Let me try to enjoy this cup of coffee by myself (for sure you know that this used to be my all time favorite)...

Life's weird, isn't it?


abhijit said...

Oh... Mommy is away... Ruhaan must be having blast with Maddy Daddy... :p

Further...i agree..
Life's really wierd...

A said...

Awwwww such a sweet post :-)))
Hope you get to see <3 Ruhaan real soon!