I am full yet Empty !

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's that feeling of hurting the inside of your palm by holding the grip tight and clenching the fingers in your soft skin because you just don't want to let go. There's lot going within this palm grapple but from the outside you can never catch all that chaos! Today the grip is open and rest is history, history of last 2 months!

One idea pops in her head and without a drop of hesitation, she gets an army of people on board. The word "Dastak" flies from somewhere and makes an impact on 50 lives, a hard impact. Such that we forget food, clothing, shelter and Dastak becomes the basic need of our lives for 2 months. Its exhausting, tiring, stressful, sleepless at times but there isn't a single moment of doubt or regret. Most of us have our own share of this short but strong word "Passion" but I am amazed and awestruck to see a pool of 50 people coming together on this common ground! Being exposed to so many like-minded people is emotionally charging on some level.

Dastak, a Hindi Theater festival happened over the last weekend in Singapore...first of a kind in the lion city. Put together by many but owned by The Lady, Shalakaa Ranadive! For those who don't know her, this petite personality with immense talent has a long theater/television background but that is part of her profile. What i truly admired through the course of 2 months is her leadership quality, a role model for many leaders literally. Being associated so closely with the "leadership hoo-ha" in the corporate world, i can perfectly see all those must-have ingredients as an effective leader in her. The skill and art of not being bossy but a Leader, comes to her naturally. To watch her get together so many full-time working professionals to volunteer, execute impeccably and put themselves all out just for the sake of "Passion",  has been a beautiful journey.

Power doesn't come through a raised tone of voice, authority reflects through actions, through approach, through respect and she knows it just right when to pull the trigger. Her true love for theater, her honest effort to bring theater lovers into the lime light, her personal commitment well depicted by a complete transformation of her own house into a rehearsal studio, is just beyond words. And boy, what a family! A rock solid husband supporting her actions standing calmly in the midst of this systematic chaos and two beautiful angels with wide smiles on their faces showing so much pride for their mum! I can't appreciate all this enough! Dastak 2016, a grand success, a pot full of satisfaction, new friendships and theater love! I feel full yet empty as it comes to an end!

The day i moved to Singapore from US, i was sad for leaving that beautiful life behind but finally after 6 years, i know why i was destined to be here. And now, i suddenly want to stay, for good :)