My latest Love-Affair :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

His skin against mine triggers something from inside. I blow kisses like crazy even when his memory passes by. I didn't think i would fall head over hard...for the second time but i guess we have no control over love. It just happens and we have to float. Hey Husband, your wife is having an affair. She pleads guilty :( But this guy is kinda similar looking, i see a lot of resemblances. Maybe that's why i stumbled on this path for the second time and ended up loving someone so similar to you, in fact someone who carries your genes. Spot on! Its your son.

2 years ago, he didn't exist. 19 months ago, he was happily swimming inside me, so oblivious to this world. 10 months ago he discovered the fun of exploring the world on his feet and a few hours ago he held my finger and came walking to the bus stop. He was desperate to take a bus, A Bus, just any bus. Thank god he still needs me to tell him which bus to take. At this pace, he will just fly within no time.

Our first walk from the house to the bus stop is something i will remember forever. Its hardly 200 meters but by far the longest and heaviest! Longest because i didn't look at the road but only this small stature that was for the first time not sitting in the stroller and marching toe to heel along with his mum. Heaviest because i was strangled in so many emotions looking at his ability to just.... walk...walk freely on the road. If you are not a parent you probably wouldn't relate to this exaggerated feeling of amusement at an absolutely simple thing Like how he comes running when i go home and takes my watch and puts it in the drawer, like how he grabs Mandar's dirty socks and puts it in the "lannii" (laundry), like how he has understood that languages can be different and lying down means Zop in Marathi and Higa in Filipino. How did he know that and when? And when exactly did he understand that mamma is ready to go to office-one day he just looked at me dressed up and said "waawww" and i was like omigosh! He just appreciated my dress! Wasn't he supposed to be a baby for some more time?

I am not even sure what i want to tell you through this. The more he understands, the more he communicates, the more he responds, the more he connects, the more he bonds stronger with me. His whole baby-thing going away makes me emotional but his ability to understand me makes me fall in love with him. The time seems to be shrinking and he is hell bent on exploring this world so bad....i just want to stay in one place and watch him, be part of his journey and explore more through his little eyes...Oh Ruhaan, I love you!

Kal ho na ho...