Toast to a coming one and half month of 2012 :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I open the glass door and struggle to see water drops because its heavy rains out there, the house opposite mine seems almost  blur. Its cloudy and quiet, almost a perfect saturday which is here after quite a while. Especially after so many events that happened in line. More travel, too much of office, Indian festivities and increasing work with every professional and personal commitment. Don't you get tired of being overly enthusiastic sometimes? I do. Its hard to draw a line between this western and Indian lifestyle you know, struggling to stay uptight as a perfect working women and then preserve all that culture you have grown up with! Not that anyone is asking for but its just about making sure you stick to your values and still make use of all that knowledge you have collected over years to make some good money :) When you get caught up in the busy circle, its another whirlpool !!!


Year end is coming closer and so is my favorite December.
Christmas tree has already been ordered :)
I am still lighting my evenings with lots of candles, even post Diwali.
The Diwali lanterns are hanging and there are no signs of those coming down until next year.
The graph of urge for tea vs. cooler weather is showing a linear increase :)
My yearly objectives at work are coming to a closure slowly and steadily.
There is an interesting trip planned for our 5th Anniversary to Vietnam :)
Last but not the least, i cannot wait for an evening in December when my Daadaa will be visiting Singapore (my place for the first time since i got married) with moma and sisi darling. 

Lots to look forward to! Let this time go slow until next year :) i don't want that January-rush to push me in the grind again :(

Wont wish you happy holidays just yet, let us get more closer to Christmas and let me have another post specially to wish you !!!


abhijit said...

Dear...Enjoy as much as you can...!!! :)

A said...

Hard to believe thanksgiving is tomorrow. Then before you know it, it's Christmas again... happy holidays Girl!

Kattykally said...

Aah...i am most impressed and happy with the last update. May they have the most cherishable trips of all...i have only a miniscule hint of how much you guys have wanted this all along, and now it is going to be perfect. I just know it. Love you all!

Aubrey said...

lovely picture...and I would love to visit your country one day!