A little Ginger and memories gush :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

No pleasure can beat the feeling of getting up early on a weekend to a quiet kitchen with just two rays of morning sun peeking through the window making your tea pot shine. My ginger tea comes to a boil this morning and takes me way back into the childhood memories from when this smell lingers in my senses. This gingery flavor with tea leaves were the motivation for me to get outa my cozy bed, only to have a cupa tea with my mom, dad and little darling sister. The not-so-specific chat on the morning table and dad completely engrossed in the world of News with mom's black & white enemy aka-newspaper :P mom well engrossed in listening to the show "aap ki pasand" on dad's black & white enemy aka-radio, us-the two siblings half asleep sipping tea with the greatest Parle-G, the milkman going around doing his morning rounds, gran-dads walking their dogs, grand-moms gossiping about their daughter-in-laws and lush green garden in our front yard, glowing fresh with the rising sun!

Just an hour before the everyday-rush starts and my most beautiful time spent with the core family! Ahh, gone are the days but this ginger tea and its aroma still stays, only to bring those short lived moments back with a gush of memories, lots of memories...

Nonetheless, the taste of my tea can never ever be same as my mom's....and thats the saddest part :) Good morning and Happy Sunday! Tea Anyone?


Ridima said...

Omg...those days were just wonderful !!!

Shruti said...

Well written, Shalmalee! :) As always... I can picture the 4 of you!