Its really that Simple!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And yet again I confirm that Hellen Keller and I think alike. Her quotes are lucid and I so agree with every line she puts in this world of internet. She says “All the beautiful things in life are neither seen nor touched but are felt in the heart” Ahh! perfectly weaved into words.

Beauty is like million different feelings to me!Walking in the rain and smelling a row full of beautiful wet jasmines by the road-side, that smell in the air is beauty. Putting your hair up in a messy bun which really is messy :P but you are out-of-the-world-comfortable with it, that comfort is beauty. The teenage crush when he stares at you and you couldn’t help blushing, those blushing cheeks is beauty. The day when you get married and look at your partner with all possible commitment, that look is beauty. The age when your knees don’t let you get out of the chair easily, the hand that helps you get-up is beauty. A lovely perfume that makes you turn to see who just passed by in the morning rush is beauty. The SMS from your husband on a Friday eve, “Meet me at Starbucks for a coffee before we go home, Luv u :)”, that blinking symbol on your cell is beauty. The cold shower that helps you relax after an intense workout, that feeling of accomplishment and sigh with an “Ahhhh!” is beauty. You call your mom on a mother’s day and she by default has tears in her eyes, the way she tries hard to hold them back, pure beauty. The AC in your bedroom feels too cold in middle of the night and you urge for the sheets to glide over your body, that tucking under the sheets is beauty. You finish reading a 550 page book and suddenly realize, I read it all, that shuffling through the pages with a mellow smile of satisfaction, is beauty.

It’s that small part called Happiness which brings million reasons to make life worth living. That tininess which can make you feel on top of the world is incomparable…that Feeling of getting a Simple Pleasure is Real Beauty, for me :)


Kattykally said...

The story of her life is the story of our lives too! Glad you found her and enjoyed the book. Love..