I can feel the Flare and smell the Smoke...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I stepped into this place called "The Summit House" in 2006...where i smelled and felt the beauty of being on your own for the first time in this apartment complex in US. Until then i was in a shelter, a small world that my parents had created for me. This place taught me a different meaning of Life. A new shade of independence where no one can ask you why you came in late or no one can tell you to sleep at 10 pm. I lived my Masters degree to the fullest here, i stayed in the lab late nights, i came back home in the mornings, i dumped junk food in the cabinets, i lived a perfect bachelorette life away from home in The Summit.

Friends, late night chats, parties, drives everything was just perfect and then the perfection became even more interesting when i was walking past one of the apartments in the summit that night and just like any bollywood director would plot his movie, Mandar opened that door when i was passing by. And we met, it just happened, in The Summit. I found my Love, my Life here and then of course we created never ending memories by just being with each other in this magical place. This place with no fancy view, no clean carpets, a typical economy PG students apartment which i got so much attached to that i am devastated today after hearing this extremely sad news about it.

The Summit was on fire, red-hot-fire a few hours ago, no idea what caused it but that door where i spoke to Mandar for the first time, his apartment where i spent hours getting to know him, my apartment where i lived like a free bird.... its all....gone!

The old, miserable, full of roaches Summit House, the adda for all desi newcomers....is gone. I would have never felt so bad if it was demolished for some reason but looking at this place burning into ashes really, really hurts.

I can smell the smoke and feel the flare miles away...Love you forever....Summit :(


Anonymous said...

What a sad thing to happen to a place of memories... I don't know what to say.

But your memories will live, and the Summit stays alive in them.

Love and hugs.