Shalmalee's International Kitchen, in its real sense :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now you know why Singapore is soooo expensive after importing all this from around the world! This is a sample receipt of the groceries i did yesterday at a local store and was amazed to see how i can use this stuff and make a thoroughly diverse international meal.

Potatoes from Bangladesh
French Beans form Indonesia
Coriander from Thailand
Cucumber from Japan
Red Onions from India
Egg plant from Cambodia
Cabbage from China
Bananas from Philippines
Guavas from Malaysia

Whoa, isn't my kitchen International in real sense?
What fun to compose such a post where you can write less and convey more :))


Kattykally said...

of course it is! but only thing that nags me is the food miles we are accumulating!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, less is more :); my favorite kind of post to read (and write)...

iamyuva said...

:) I totally hear you but I must admit I do feel this place do provide options for cheaper shopping. specially after living for europe for very many years, I find things here almost cheaper (except alcohols, rentals.. ;))

nice good one.

magiceye said...