I have lived through it, with you, trust me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not that i have experienced it in first person but my friends have, so in turn i have suffered through listening to their cries and feeling their wounds. Different faces of love in its own way has made me experience pain, longing, possessiveness, ego, too-much-love, too-harsh-love, pretentious-love, momentary-love, lost-love, not-found-love and much more.

A friend of mine is struggling to get married to a person she loves with her whole heart and he does too but their religions don't allow them to unite. A friend of mine got married and was extremely in love with her husband, unfortunately she is getting divorced for reasons not to be mentioned publicly. A friend of mine, happily married for a while with a sweet little kid, just lost her husband in unavoidable circumstances. A friend of mine suffered through a lump in her breast, didn't tell her husband for a long time and kept on suffering because she thought, he will be in too much pain after knowing it. A friend of mine has a picture perfect connubial bliss for the outside world but i know what she is going through while tackling her husband's ego issues.

To all my Girl-Friends, on this Women's Day, i want to say, i love you all. You all shared your pain with me and believe me, i have lived through it, with you. I am always there for you all, in pain and happiness.

Happy Women's Day 2011!


Kattykally said...

Happy int'l women's day to you too! keep smiling...

Defiant Princess said...

That is life, really :)
We live it through with our girlfriends!


Defiant Princess

Agnes said...

Thank you for this S.