For all my dear ones in the Magic City, Birmingham!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So here is the news. Mandar got an admit for his MBA at Nanyang, Singapore. Yes! we are moving to Singapore. It feels like yesterday when i landed on Atlanta airport with 2 bags, lot more excited and little lost. God knows when and how it all ended up with so many good friends, few married, few newly weds, few singles but all full of masti. We ate, drank, danced, worked, chatted, sung and had fun out of anything and everything. This amazing set of friends here in Birmingham threw an overwhelming party last weekend. Mandar being here for last 6 years and me, for last 4 years, these are the long lasting relations that we have made in the US. Here are a few words dedicated to all of them who made everything in Birmingham, memorable.

These short poems are a mix of Hindi, Marathi and English, so forgive me if you dont understand any of these languages :P

Sujay and Hemali (The Chauhans)

Sujay ani hemali chi jodi
Sweet sweet, pan chulbuli
Murti lahan, kirti mahan
Ajun kon, hech amche Chauhan !!!

Amol and Ruchi Vaidya (Ruchi is the would be mommy :))

Amol ani ruchi
Yenar ahe ek navin mirchi
Doghan madhe tisri addition
Vaidyanchya family chi multiplication !!!

Amit and Ashwini Patki (Patki's are graced with a cutie kid, Neil)

Amit ani ashwini,
& the neil tini mini
Bayko la talwarichi dhar
Navra matra COOL, thandddd garrrr !!!

Davey and Richa (The Templins)

Shantata ani dangyacha total milap
Tarihi opinions nahit ekmekanchya khilaf
Templins is a unique couple
Sweet like syrup, Maple !!!

Shardul and Rakhi Nagre (Nagre's are blessed with a techie kid, Arrush)

Shardul ani rakhi
Navryala bolayla paise padtat
Bayko matra jhakas baki.
Arrush, hi Nagrenchya galawarchi khali,
Ruchi chi mirchi, sawadh raha,
Chotya Nagrena padu nako bali !!!

Ramya and Tapan (Mehta-nu parivar)

Ramya and Tapan
Great love story aur lamba jatan
Gujju and tamil sangam
Ruchi-amol ke piche,
Ab aap log bhardo aangan !!!

Rohan and Sayli (Shah Parivar)

Mr and Mrs. shah
Shant sayli and tyahunhi shant rohan
Secretly romantic jodi
Agadi radha ani mohan !!!

Sayli and Aditya (Deshpandes are the newly weds)
Nitin and Vindya (Nairs are newly engaged)

Nako Rahul, Nako Ridhya
Mag ale Adi and Vindya
Sayli ani nitin chya life cha sunrise jhala
Sampli ti ekti sandhya :)

Niroop and Sameera Kaza

Niroop aur sameera
Sidha niroop, utnihi sidhi uski meera
Couple simple but love marriage
Love story not less than veer zara !!!

Girish anna (Ramaswami appa, The PhD student and the lucky single and active member of the NGO, Asha for education)

PhD student ish
Akho pe chashma
Girish hamara breakdancer
And Asha's answer !!!

Love you all !!! We will miss you !!!


Agnes said...

Wow, Singapore!! Lucky you :-)))

Prashanti :) said...

OMG you are moving !!!!!!. Congrats and all the very best to Mandar.

Ketaki said...

Good one Shalmalee...