Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have had no time to write/read anything. My in laws are in town and i am all engrossed in them.
It just happened so 2 weeks ago when i was ready to leave my office and walk out...our site manager calls everyone in the common area and tells us that our general manager/company's vice president is no more working with us.

He is fired or laid off, whichever sounds better. I was lost, he is the same person who had hired me . I dont remember what was i thinking for next couple of moments...everything seemed pretty much blank. 3 days following this news, company released his wife, PS: she worked for us as well. I wasn't blank this time,just a little uneasy. Today, they released our office associate @ the corporate office. There is a rumor that the office associate at our plant is in the queue. I didnt feel anything....Its amazing how you get used to shocks.

But yes...i am scared of this current situation where people just wake up one day and know that they dont have a job anymore. This economy and the overall bad time leaves me with a big question mark....will i have my job tomorrow or it will limit everything to a laminated MS degree hanging on the wall, spa trips, daily shopping and snappy dressing??? or am i actually going to continue using my knowledge for working and making some money?????


Prashanti :) said...

Dont worry dear, there will always be better options opening up to you and I pray that you may never need them in the first place.

Add Topic said...

I hope you find an inspiration to write again. And don't worry about time. There's a saying, "If there's a will, there's a way". You go find time if you really love to write. More power to you! :)

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Agnes said...

I know what you mean. But I am glad you didn't get laid off...