Friday, August 1, 2008

Its an unusual Friday night.
Mandar is with his friends and i am in my lab...working on my thesis write up!
The mood swing says...WORK TODAY :)

I was trying to build up some discussion on the Flexural(bending) tests that i had performed on my specimens. Some idiotic result caught me and i was thinking about the trend in the plot. Alas! it was one calculation that went wrong and all the trends just flipped in a moment. Well, that was known a long time after referring to google, yahoo...bla bla bla! Within the process i went ahead and referred a book by Dr. K K. Chawla on mechanical behaviour of materials. I was aiming to browse through the index page and what i see here is a thought...before the index even started...i mean on the previous page where authors usually dedicate there book to someone!

It says,
"We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the secret sits in the middle and knows..."

Those are bunch of true and amazingly real words and i want to insist that the lines are PERFECT...it can be stated that logically they don't have any varying degrees like most, almost, rather, nearly etc...they are "Absolute"!
It is one chance and it walks down to one in a bunch of millions...and that ONE PERSON understands and truly absorbs the meaning of the above lines...something like this...

The secret is in the "MIDDLE" of the ring,
He doesn't have to "SUPPOSE" anything!

He never ASSUMES it to be pragmatic,
He knows the difference between real and dramatic!

Proudly being, at the center of the ring,
World is the diameter, he is the king!

"HE"= Absolute and a complete package
My O Dear,
Its hard to find a defect,
Because he is PERFECT!

Ya right! He doesn't have to intrude in anybody's affairs to solve his queries and get the answers. He knows how to work it out without being meddlesome...isn't it?
I wish i had understood the secret and gotten a chance to push myself into middle of the ring and get the honor of being ABSOLUTELY PERFECT:))...if not anything else, it would have atleast helped me solving the queries related to the wrong calculations and pushed me towards the better understanding of the weird trends in my results ;)


Milind said...

I have already found "PERFECT" ion in your writting:). More than writting abt your thinking abilities. Great & true thought. Can you tell me who is HE? The perfect one. I think no one is perfect. One thing we can do, we can push ourselves towards the center,right?
One thing to ask, what is the idea behind putting dots in between word PERFECT.

Shalmalee.... said...

Thanks for ur comments milind...
u know what, i am a lil too much influenced by the mega serial series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I wanted to use the same format somewhere. I thought that the title PERFECT is absolute and it needs a full point after each of its letter and thats how i got to use the friends title too :)