Unfathomable version of my coded frustration....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The rainy spells this week are giving me the blues. May be not...life is full of blues and the rains are just contributing to it! Who cares...its a perfect time to put a new post :)

Here is something i want to add to my frustrating blog. Its a relative comparison between two families...i don't want to unwrap the subject and tell everybody what this comparison refers to directly. Only thing i can mention is that, these two families are the unending, inseparable, perpetual and everlasting parts of my life. I am hurt a little bit...to be honest...i am hurt a lot...and the abyss of time is not healing my hurt soul this time...and that is what has led to these unfathomable words below!

They are four and they face each other,
We are four and our backs face each other!

They don't care if whole worlds a mess,
We care, care, care,and our worlds a mess!

Nothing departs them...they are "A Square",
We stand at 4 corners...we protect "The Square"!

They are always inside the circle,
We always watch the boundary!

They are cool when they are within "them",
We breath hot fumes when we are amongst "us"!

They are honest to each other....we are too,
But...the styles are different!
They love each other...we do too,
But...the ways are variant!

It hurts,
But still
It works,

It is the good old version of life,
Where "Change" is not critical... but impossible!

Deal with it and be "A Part",
This attitude will never set you "Apart",
They and Us are not the same,
Thats your life, so, nothing to blame,
Play it calm and its your game!

I hope its not tooooo absurd and irrelevant for the readers...since it is related to my personal life, i couldn't loosen the thread right away! So, the frustration is a little bit coded this time. Try to decode your version and give comments :)


Mr.Blissful said...

One must always adjust with-in-laws !

Shalmalee.... said...

and who in this world would think i am not adjusting with my in laws...in fact i m fond of them :)...they are THE Best in-laws in this world...you got it wrong Mr. Blissful....never mind!

Anu said...

To Mr.Blissful,
Shalmali is not like other girls who always complaint for there In laws.
She is different from them........

Anu said...

Shalya blog is really good and specially the way you coded it aur appna frustration bahar nikala.......
And i think i got what u wanna to say.. God Bless You dear

Milind said...

Wao & excellent. I am not shocked this time reading this time:) coz i know u r writting power now. Thoughts & presentation is very good. About what you want to say i can only say that, U r not like what you look. U r realy a different person. U show u r tough but u r not (though u try to show u r tough....some times u get success, but those who knows you ( closely) can see pain inside u. let it be its other topic). Uptil now u have managed to set proper goals for you & also achieved them successfully. Answer to your problems is only TIME. can explain you more abt it but next. i have to leave now:) bye