Thursday, February 7, 2008

I love to write...yes i do!
Just start somewhere and end up with something else...why not?
One of my closest friends, my near and dear one, to whom i am very close to, a versatile personality with tons of talents loaded...he likes to write too. Yes he does!

We meet a common point on lots and lots of things, our opinions resemble a lot when we discuss something, he loves poetry, he observes nature, he points out all the very cute little things that we deal with usually but dont really think about...i appreciate this quality...rather find it interesting and very much like me...I enjoy doing that as well...why not give some additional preference to the things that usually doesn't matter to anybody, they dont make any difference by behaving differently, no one cares...why not care about all these....HE does it and i love him for doing it.

I had kind of assumed me and him to be very similar...keenly close to each other in terms of resemblances...NO...thats not the truth....not atleast in case of writing.
Long back i use to read his poems with all my possible imagination...his is a more "core writing" kind of...yes, he writes more to the point...lacks the abstract sense. I use to love his poetry but never thought about the difference between his poems and mine. Some uneasy thoughts ran through my nerves when i read them but i never quite followed my nerves and understood what they were trying to say. They were pointing out the differences between HIM and ME. I like to float...be abstract...write direct from the heart to the paper...simple language...no external quotes....the feeling that runs through the passage is my satisfaction after paraphrasing it. He terms it as "Escapism"....i dont know from whom! He thinks i need to beautify my words...certainly not by using high funda language...but i dont know how...
He thinks that i need to shape my feelings ....i dont know why...

I dont agree...i thought about it though...
I dont want to add that artificial flavor to my words...finding some core or some matter in the writing might turn you professional and take out that innocence in your expression of opening up a little bit and trying not to keep everything inside yourselves...i think writing is not all about the matter in it...its different...its the satisfaction...its the expression and essence of your happiness or sadness or whatever at that very moment....atleast for me...

Its totally different for him...ya...even though i didnt agree to his opinion i found out the reason for my uneasiness running through my nerves...yup...that is pretty much the conclusion here :)


absolutely relative said...

There are two sides to every coin. Not always does the side that stands out wins all the time. Sometimes, the one that is not prominent; that lacks lustre may be in a process of winning which it eventually may achieve.
I too have a friend like you. Very near and dear. And the reason I am responding is because I could feel the same kind of relation exists between us as between the two of you - you and your friend.
Coming back to the coin thing and relating it to what you said about the cute little things which your friend likes to observe, I fear you might be overlooking that side of the coin which 'does not matter to anybody' - the losing side; the side on the back of the coin; the side in the dark.
Similarity is relative. I still think my friend and I are similar, but our expressions are different thanks to our attitudes. Take for example ABSTRACTION! (another example from your article)
Holding a thread of your thought and flowing with it wherever the current of your mind, imagination, soul takes you; is this abstraction? No, this is exploration.(I know you disagree and I can feel the nerve tensed, but hold on, read ahead)You are surfing the jungles of your subconscious with a tinge of conscious expression to direct you. 'Wandering' would be a little harsh if I stick to the confines of English, so breaking them I suggest the perfect Marathi word for it - Swair. For me, this 'Swair' exploration is not abstraction. If one has to explain abstraction, it cane be done without giving another abstract example. For instance, take a point. Draw a circle of any radius around it.(Note: The radius is undefined. Neither the one who draws nor the one who sees knows it.) When you draw a tangent to this circle which, against the rules of mathematics, traverses to intersect the point, the entire geometry of the figure that we now observe may be termed as ABSTRACTION. The curve of exploration, however may range from a single point to the image of Beziers that we see as a screensaver.
Having explained the difference between ABSTRACTION and CONSCIOUSLY SUBCONSCIOUS EXPLORATION, lets move to the behavioral trend of ESCAPISM. No fool would be as foolish to consider floating on the currets of your thoughts as ESCAPISM. That is expression - free flowing expression. Escapism on the other hand, is mistaking the 'Swair', aimless exploration with a strong, fortified, well directed abstraction.(For more reference, read Samuel Beckett's WAITING FOR GODOT. There is nothing more abstract than it in the entire history of literature. And let me say, it is not free flowing exploration, it IS well-directed ABSTRACTION, rather ABSURD.)
Thus, with these different views of ours on ABSTRACTION and a misunderstanding regarding 'escaping from what', we set on a voyage together where we promised that we would share whatever we express with each other. Only two blocks down the journey, we found that we were not connecting. Something was amiss. Nt continuing the journey, we turned back hoping to find out what was missing. We have travelled back together so far now, that its been ages since we crossed the starting point also. We are still travelling in our pasts and trying to trace the roots of what was it that was so non-similar between us.
Taarzu, I hope we never witness this tracing back the roots of the origin of our relation to find a cause which we may regret. This is an attempt, only to avoid that...