To Do List...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What is the most common, most frequent and the most repetitive thing that i do as days pass by, months go through and years lay back???
Yeah it is the TO DO LIST...tick mark the DONE's and write the TO DO's...thats what life offers, wants and needs :).... atleast my life... :(

On the refrigerator, i would have liked either a family photograph or a picture posing romance between me and my know....something of that kind...unfortunately the TO DO's dont leave any damn space for such interesting things. Everytime i open the refrigerator to take out something, thousands of post-it's sticking on the door remind me..."dear, you are suppose to do it this week"...and i am like "ya....ya ...i, DONOT embarrass me by peeping in each time...u jerks"...what a hell! I am talking to those tini-tiny piece of papers...yup..though that was the last thing i would have liked to do!

No matter how much i get tired of the little-bitties, i love them the way they are...i mean it makes me feel extremely satisfied when i tick a listed thing to do. I think i am going good and should keep it up with it approaching towards the next pending job. Yes, i couldnt be perfect without listing things, tieing them up together, gathering all of them from their original forms of bits and pieces and get them all to work for the good. This satisfaction and perfection is not possible without the cute little ones. You forget, you mess up, you couldnt help yourselves asking them to help, isnt it true....yes it is, atleast for me...

At the end i just want to ask that is this a topic enough to write a blog on?
:) i dont know...but i liked one i tried to pen down ... not pen actually...key down.... :)