Are you Judging me? Blah, i don't care :)

Thursday, June 14, 2018

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I haven't written here in more than a year, that's a pity. Acting has taken a front seat, writing/reading/watching movies/wasting time/sleeping, everything has been pushed aside...this is what happens when your first love comes in front and stands steady holding your hand, pulling you towards itself. My mind is elsewhere and everywhere, just wandering around. I want to make up for all those long lost years when i didn't get to be on stage. I have started enjoying my job which i probably never truly did, this happens when your heart is in the right place.

The theater scene in Singapore is not as straightforward. There is a certain amount of commercial flavor to it because someone has to run the show. There is certainly a lot of competition and in one way or the other, art seems to be 'sold' in certain scenarios. There is nothing unusual about it but i am so so so glad that i have reached above and beyond this. I am mentally not part of this competition, the selling doesn't affect me at all. I am so content with this opportunity of being exposed to this side of the whatever way.... i have landed here, i am grateful to the universe.

I have learnt to look at a bigger picture, i have a changed perspective about relationships, i have my own understanding of the word "happy" and i have gathered wonderful friendships along the way.

Theater and artists around me have shown me a different life, i have learnt "how not to be Judgemental". Its simple, I am grounded,  I am happy!

Have a wonderful long weekend folks, Happy Ramadan!


abhijit said...

Even after a are as clear as you have always been in putting up your thoughts in words... ☺️ And yes... This phase must of your life must be the best one you had in years... ☺️ Feeling good for you... Wishing you all happiness ☺️ & Happy Ramadan ☺️