Eyes closed+Long breaths+Mellow smile = Peace !!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

  I feel very different, briskly calm, enthusiastically peaceful !

As if i am lying flat on my back and floating effortlessly on the rippling waves, gazing at the stars in this blue-black-silent night, fully satisfied. I feel like smiling, a lot...to myself...and expressing some gratitude towards nature, god or a worldly power that created this wondrous & unusually strong bond between a mother and her child.

Too bad, i can't transmit my feelings to you, i can only write or say and the intensity of my thoughts that are ardent than ever right now,  may not be as strong by the time they reach you. I really am over and over and over the moon.

Ruhaan said "Mamma" today !! I just lost myself as "me" and found myself as his "mum" ! He kept on mumbling..."mamma mamma mamma mamma"...ohhh! I just don't know what else to write after this, i am so full of joy & tears and so majorly short of words, I am smitten by this little chocolate muffin. He makes me feel...Complete!

A day to mark, to remember, to cherish, 14th Jan 2016 !!


Mandar Gori said...

And I am waiting to hear Papa :)