Strange, eh?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Friday Mandar went to China for business, on Tuesday morning i went to Malaysia for business, Tuesday night Mandar returned from China and Thursday night i reached home. We went around the world our different ways, yes the flying, meeting people, staying in star hotels is quite tempting but back together in home sweet home is more than any luxury in this world.

I ended up thinking last night, in time of one week, we traveled miles away from each other, he doesn't know how many people and nationalities i spoke to and i don't know how many Chinese delicacies he must have tried. From a common point, to a common point, with this in-between journey involving individuals, places, food, drinks, discussions which we can keep for just "Our-selves". So close  yet so far yet so independent. And this in-dependency is an interesting part! You space out a little and find missing each other again. You wait for a weekend by yourself and start going crazy just after he leaves.You like and then you suddenly don't like! Relationships are so unpredictable and strange sometimes!

Stop reading now, i am not going to write anymore, that's all i felt last night....and you know i write what i feel :)


A said...

I like independent people :-)