A dream that i saw with my eyes wide open!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This poetic evening with "Gulzar" at the Esplanade theater was indeed one of my best evenings in Singapore. I have tried to put the entire experience in words...writing a poem on this poetic evening would only make up for a few emotions that i went through while listening to Gulzar, the great Indian Poet, Lyricist, Story writer, Screenplay writer, Director....

I enter the theatre and settle down in my seat,
I see him on the stage, mere visual treat!
Rest of the lights are dimmed; in that One spot is the "Star",
My world is shaken in a moment, at the live sight of "The Gulzar"!

I rub my eyes again; make sure he is sitting in front,
Cease the moment, I feel, on this evening pleasant!
He reads to us his poetic treasure, one after the other,
His presence noticeably simple, everything else but glamour!

His overly starched, naturally crinkled kurta, purely white,
Symbolizes his personality, peacefully calm, undoubtedly polite!
Hushed everyone else, his voice thunderous, husk and heavy,
A memory of Gulzar sahib narrating live, an experience classy!

His imageries are made of daily life through his eyes, savored,
His imaginations out of the world, An array of topics covered,
Be it a mountain, a river, a walnut, a tree, a cigarette or an ashtray,
His pen doesn’t hold back to write anything that sways in the way!

His gentle Urdu-Hindi, to which he refers as “Hindustani” proudly,
Leaves the audiences mesmerized, rising their emotions fiercely!
The web of words he knits, has no rhymes and bounds,
Compositions flow from heart to paper; it’s not a square or round.

My eyes full of tears after this wonderful 2 hour poetic journey,
My body trembling from head to toe, mind unsatisfied and thirsty!
I want to meet him in person and hold his hand, my urge says,
20 minutes later I see him walking across and I jump his way!

I hold this "legendary hand" of Sahib and bow with earnest satisfaction,
My eyes closed to feel the zeal of standing with a superstar of our nation,
Even more surprised to see his reaction,
He taps my head with his other hand to shower blessings and affection.

And I, Astounded, Astonished, Stunned and Amazed, stand there stricken!
Only to question myself, "Is he Him and am I Me", Did All this just happen?


aakash said...

that's a genuine tribute...
may his soul rest in peace :)


Aubrey said...

very nice! I love poetry. Thank you for stopping by :)