Bonsai post :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Any "mini" thing catches my attention and i go crazyyyyyyyyyy.
Any "Bonsai" works for me and i am not refering to "plants only". Generally, mini is my turn on thingy. So here is my bonsai post on miniatures!!!

Recently, we got a notebook, HP mini, 10" screen size. It is literally cuteeeee!!! Remember the miniatures of the tea sets that we use to play with when we were kids, i loved it. I was fond of the little bitty cups, saucers & the tea pots :). Whenever my gradma use to bring a plant-bonsai in, i kept staringgggg at it.
Any showcase item/miniature makes me smile and i go...chichi, michi, cutie pieeeeee!!! Ya, i know its crazy but i have that kid in me when it comes to tiny things. I am not a big pet lover anyways. In fact, i am a little finicky when it comes to pets, however the tinish puppies make me love them with their intolerably cute mannerisms. Not to forget, the tiny mandarine oranges, have you ever looked at the small pieces inside...Oh My God!! Nature is unbelievable. On one fine spring day, me and my husband were getting some garden material from a nursery and i see these small pots, extremely cute garden carts, and various mini garden items. I have some pictures here...please take a look and i might wonder if you dont go....chichi...michi....cutie pieeeeeeeeee :)).


Anu said...

ha ha

yeh choti choti chizea bhaut hi cuitie hai :)