The Bridal Dress!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I wonder how different one thing can be at several different places. I am talking about a common thread, “Wedding”. Two souls getting together and sharing “WE” and “US” is the only backbone of a wedding, any wedding. This being the fact, weddings have a flavor of variety, traditions, beliefs, conceptions and colors.

I was fond of a Christian wedding since childhood. Being in the US for last two and half years, I have seen quite a few church weddings. The most attractive thing for me in a church wedding is the white bridal dress. I so wanted to wear it once and get married in the church. Since i went straight ahead and got married to an Indian guy, there was no chance to keep aside the Vedic Indian traditions and ignore Hinduism. After all, colors in the Hindu wedding are mind blowing, red is the heart, green is authentic, yellow is the tradition, flowers are in seven colors, dressing is enthusiastic and bright, chaos is enjoyable and last but not the least….my favorite….the henna tattoo…the Mehendi….its the most lovable part. Against all this, a church wedding, terribly organized, well mannered, people hardly smile, black & white are the colors, the flowers are white…at the most pink, the bride & groom with their rehearsed steps to walk through the aisle, groom is in black and the bride is in her pretty, wonderful white bridal dress. The huge difference to see but hardly any to feel, coz the feeling is same, the vows are same (though the languages vary), the post marriage fun is same, the hulchul in two minds is immeasurable and in differentiable, no matter what, where & how the wedding is!

Apart from all this, I got to wear that white bridal dress once in a lifetime…its my dream to walk down the church aisle with the dress on, flowers should be red though….white is not a wedding color…my bridesmaid should be in a red gown, and yes, people should smile…its not a serious occasion damn it! Music should be Indian….i don’t like those American non-understandable music bands, I & my groom won’t rehearse the vows & imitate them on the wedding day….its a one time thing & it should come from your heart, it shouldn’t require a rehearsal in my opinion, its not a drama or a performance. Neither does it has to be perfect, speak & span…its not an exam where you need to mug stuff for getting an A. It should be clear & real…that’s what I would like to do in my dream wedding. My father should walk me down the aisle and Mandar should grab me from there…but ya! My groom should be only him…no matter how many times I get married :))


Agnes said...

Hi :-) Agnes here :-)

You know what? I didn't even have a wedding dress... our wedding was spur of the moment, totally unplanned.

Thanks for this post.

Archana Gawde said...

ours too!!
but i managed a red gown!! I wish i had a white though :)

and we were told we have to take vows...thought we had to prepare vows ourself...and i said to him, lets be spontaneous!! and he said "you can be, writer, i cant, i will just follow you or say "I DO" hehehe

it was fun :)

Prashanti :) said...

The weddings here and back home are soo contrasting rite ...while its all about colour and dazzle back there ...its all about serenity and minimalism and whites here ....I like your idea of adding the colors into the american wedding and ya whats stopping ya??? Go ahead get a dress and get married all over again :)

See what you can negotiate on the wedding gifts though :P